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A Guide to DIY Shed Removal

If you have an old shed taking up valuable space in your yard, you’ve come to the right place. This DIY shed removal article will give you simple steps to removing your shed. Sheds can be great for storing your stuff, but unfortunately, they don’t last forever.

Once the shed’s structural integrity starts to get damaged or compromised, the shed should be removed to avoid damaging what’s inside your shed or, more importantly, so that someone doesn’t get hurt.

How to Dismantle an Old Shed

Before you bust out all your tools, you should have a clear idea of what’s in store for you. Sheds are great for storage, but in most cases, they aren’t regularly maintained. It’s common to find surprise issues with your shed. If you’ve been neglecting it for extended periods. Pest and insects like to take residence inside, under, and around old sheds. Not only do sheds provide a space for your things, but you may also be providing a shelter for snakes, rats, mice, and other creepy crawlers.

Most storage sheds are built with aluminum or wood. Historically, these sheds were made with steel and or tin. But aluminum has largely replaced the other two metal materials because it does not rust easily and has a longer lifespan. Most sheds are generally built on a block or concrete foundation and have plywood floors. The panels that make up the walls and roof are fastened to the frame with screws.

Take some time to walk around inspect your shed if you are scared or uncertain about going inside. Use a rake or stick to poke around and make some noise. So that any unwanted visitors will start moving along, utilize a flashlight to inspect the shed thoroughly. Like an abandoned foreclosure home, you never know what you’ll find. After your inspection, if you see no red flags leave the shed doors wide open to allow anything that’s hiding to escape. Now, you’re ready to dismantle that old shed by doing the following:

  • Prep The Area – It’s always going to be safer when your work area is clean and organized. Grab a trash can to collect small screws and debris from the shed demo as you go. It’s always wise to keep all your tools in one area for easy access and so you don’t lose them in the shed debris.
  • Empty The Shed – After you’ve given some time for any possible visitors to take flight. It’s time to empty it. Keep in mind the longer the stuff has been in the shed, the more likely it is that boxes and bags will be dried out weak and brittle. If you plan on keeping any of the items in the shed, be sure to have some new boxes and bags to transport those items. The items you will be
    parting with sort that into another pile.
  • Remove Any Doors And Windows – Once you got it empty, you can unfasten the doors and windows. Be very cautious and careful to avoid injury from breaking glass and cuts from rusted parts. Make sure safety is a priority; wear durable gloves, a dust mask, and eye protection.
  • Take The Roof Off The Shed – Now that you have the doors and windows removed, you can now take the roof off the shed. You might need a pry bar, drill driver, and a reciprocating saw to remove the roof successfully.
  • Tear Down The Walls – After you’ve removed the roof, you can start taking the walls down, one at a time. If there are any shelves attached to the walls, take those down first. Then, unfasten screws in the brackets that are holding the walls in place.
  • Clean Up The Area – After you have finished successfully disassembling your shed, you will have some debris to clean and dispose of. Condense your pile of debris by grouping similar materials in separate piles. Be sure to sweep or rake the area to clear all screws and small rubble.

Without the proper experience, this can be a dangerous and challenging task. If you are not confident that you can do it or don’t have the right tools, we recommend that you consider not doing the shed removal yourself. If you don’t have the time or it’s just too big of a job to handle, you can call a junk removal service to remove the shed and haul it away for you.
Call 480-236-6172 or visit StrongJunkRemoval.com to save yourself from the hassle.


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